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Paddling Alone Sucks

Every year it seems our leisure time shrinks while our responsibilities expand. But you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing a passion and spending time with the people you care about.

Buy AERO not Inflatable - Why AeroTech is Better

Learn about BOTE's superior Aero inflatable paddle board construction and why it is a great option for the modern-day SUP enthusiast. Perfect for travel and small space storage and fun as hell to paddle.


The LONO's lightweight, compact, and portable design makes it a much more capable companion than traditional kayaks. Couple that with BOTE's innovative technology and accessory integrations and you have a stellar platform.

Never Leave Your Dock: Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dock

BOTE’s inflatable Dock could quite possibly be our most versatile product. Yes, it’s extremely simple, but also incredibly functional. The inflatable Dock’s biggest selling feature is its ability to transform...

Get FX'd

Fitness trends are more fickle than fashion. Things rotate from “in style” to “obsolete” even before non-early adopters get a chance to try it out. Like drinking from a claimed fountain of youth...