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Paddle Boarding With Kids

Paddle Boarding With Kids

Paddle boarding is a fun sport to introduce to kids, regardless of age or skill level. With a few adjustments and accommodations, you can have the whole family paddling in no time.

In the Downtime

The downtime gives parents an opportunity to rip the kids away from electronics and redirect them to the often forgotten fun of the outdoors. Chase frogs, ride bikes, fish, and (of course) paddle.

Never Leave Your Dock: Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dock

BOTE’s inflatable Dock could quite possibly be our most versatile product. Yes, it’s extremely simple, but also incredibly functional. The inflatable Dock’s biggest selling feature is its ability to transform...

Boards, Bonfires, + Beer

It's obvious we love the outdoors, and our favorite trips always include being near the water. But it can be hard to enjoy when you've missed packing key items. Here's our "dream list" of camping must-haves.