Q: How do I set up my paddle? Why isn’t the handle attached to the paddle?

The handle is not attached to the shaft of the one-piece paddles so it can be cut and fit to the proper height you want. For detailed instructions, see here!

Q: Why does the pressure gauge on my inflatable paddle board pump not display any pressure?

The pump will not pick up the pressure in the board until you reach about 7 PSI. Begin to pump up the board until it takes shape. At this point, you should start to see the needle on the gauge move and you should keep pumping.

Q: Do your paddles float?

All AXE full carbon fibre paddles will float if properly assembled. The three piece aluminium adjustable paddles that come with our inflatable boards will not. For the aluminium adjustable paddles, it is advised to attach a paddle leash or flotation device to the paddle to prevent the paddle from sinking.

Q: Do fins come with my board?

We are happy to say that all BOTE boards come with a fin. Each board will have a 10 in. main fin. However, the Rover will have a 10 in. fin, which is better for deep water, and two side bite fins, that work best in shallow water.

Q: The deck pad on my board has air bubbles under it. Why?

This usually occurs for the first few outings with the board. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The air bubbles may occur due to the order of our production process. We apply the deck pads to the boards in a climate controlled facility. Then, the boards are moved for a quality control inspection. This is done in a facility of higher climate. If air bubbles show up at this time, they are removed by poking a hole with a fine needle in the deck pad to release the unwanted air. This does not affect the adhesiveness of the pad. The 3M adhesive is very tacky on the underside of the pad and will re-adhere to the board. Not all air bubbles present themselves during this stage. Therefore, air bubbles may present themselves after purchase. Simply, poke a small hole in the deck pad with a needle. This will release the air. Many times, the air bubbles will disappear after a couple of sessions on the board.

Q: What will I receive with the Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard package?

  • 3-piece aluminium adjustable paddle
  • Pump
  • Fin
  • Repair kit
  • Board bag, which will hold all items included, plus the rolled-up board

Q: If a product isn't listed on the website, is it still available?

If a product is not listed on the website, it is not in stock. Our production cycles vary and we are unable to know when a specific board style will be available for purchase. We do our best to keep all of our current products in stock.