Fins and Fin Box on a Solid Board

Each solid BOTE board has a standard 10-inch fin box. This fin box will fit the standard BOTE fin as well as many other market fins. Fins are meant to fit tightly into the fin box.

Centre Fin Installation on a Solid Board

To install the fin into the fin box, you need to remove the aluminium plate and thumbscrew from the fin. Place the aluminium plate into the fin box and position it all the way forward on the recessed track. Next, set the fin into the fin box by sliding the brass pin into the opening until it bottoms out. Slide the fin as far back as you would like. Place the screw into the fin and line it up with the aluminium plate. Push the front of the fin down and attach it to the aluminium plate by tightening the thumbscrew by hand.

Fin installation may be tricky the first few times because the fin box is so tight but this is a good thing. This means your board will ride better. Overtime, the fin box will start to “open” up, which will make it easier to insert and remove the fin. If you find the fin to fit too tightly, use light sand paper to sand the inside of the fin box to get rid of any resin or extra plastic chips that may be present.

Included Fins for Solid Boards

We are happy to say that all BOTE boards come with a fin. Each board will have a 10-inch main fin. However, the Rover will have a 10 in. fin, which is better for deep water, and two side bite fins, that work best in shallow water.

Fins and Fin Box for AeroBOTE boards

Each inflatable board will have permanent side bite fins and a removable 10-inch main fin with an attached key.

Center Fin Installation for AeroBOTE boards

To install the centre fin, you must first remove the key from the slot in the fin. Then, slide the fin into the fin box until the locking grooves and key slot align. When they align, slide the key back into the key slot.

Instructional Video

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