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Skip the Kayak Trailer with an Inflatable Kayak

Skip the Kayak Trailer with an Inflatable Kayak

There’s nothing better than the great outdoors.

Studies show spending two hours a week outside leads to increased health and happiness. And while we don’t claim to be scientists at BOTE, other than the mad scientist that is Corey Cooper, we believe one of the best ways to experience nature is in an inflatable kayak. We also believe one of the biggest things getting between you and that body of water is all the bulky equipment associated with transporting a traditional kayak. That’s why we created the LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak, a badass solution that can be stored in a closet, carried solo, and transported via car, plane, or however you get around these days.

When you know you can go virtually anywhere with a stealthy and durable inflatable kayak, it’s hard to justify investing in a traditional, bulky, rotomolded kayak. The inflatable kayak is a game changer when it comes to getting outside and on the water as efficiently as possible. Here are just a few reasons why the LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak is one of our all time favorite water vessels in the BOTE line up.

The Inflatable Kayak Advantage

If you’ve ever been hanging out by a lake or along the surf and saw someone cruising by on kayak, you probably thought the same things as us--should I get one of those? And maybe you started your research journey to buy said kayak, only to be left wondering where you’re going to store it, how you’re going to transport it, and what other equipment you need to make this dream happen. We’re right there with you. Thankfully, BOTE’s LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak answers those questions simply by eliminating the headache that comes with each one of them.

No Storage Concerns Here

The way we go about life is different from the past, especially when it comes to how we live it. The number of people renting vs owning a home is the largest it’s been since the 1960’s, and it’s not just the post-college-trying-get-your-life-together demographic or those who have fallen on hard times. Adults of all generations are turning to the new American Dream of not being tied down in effort to experience life to the fullest.

There’s a small dilemma though. This minimalistic way of life might have some confines you need to address, and that’s space. A traditional kayak is pretty large, averaging about 12 feet in length, not to mention the equally long trailer or truck bed typically required to take it anywhere. It can really put a damper on your storage game, especially if you don’t have a garage.

One of the biggest benefits of an inflatable kayak is that you actually don’t need much storage space. Thanks to its ability to be rolled up into a portable travel bag, all you need is the space you’d typically dedicate to a vacuum and you’re in business.

Transportation That Moves With You

Traditional kayaks require additional equipment just to get you to your water destination. Sometimes that’s a trailer and tow hitch if you plan to pull it behind your car, which can get pretty pricey and, again, you have to store the trailer somewhere. Another option would be a roof rack system of sorts, which can also get pretty pricey, not to mention the wear and tear on your own body trying to get a kayak on and off the roof of your car. Who wants to follow up a kickass day of kayak fishing with the rigorous task of throwing a kayak back on the roof of your car? When you step back and look at the logistics of transporting a kayak, it loses a lot of the initial appeal.

The LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak was designed to go with you, no matter the transportation method. Rolled into a travel bag with all needed equipment to inflate and accessorize, your kayak can be tossed over your shoulder, placed in an elevator or subway cart, chucked into the backseat of your car, or transported on a plane, allowing you to go virtually anywhere.

The LONO can be tossed over your shoulder, placed in an elevator or subway cart, chucked into the backseat of your car, or transported on a plane, allowing you to go virtually anywhere.

Launch from Any Point

Inflatable kayaks are inherently portable since they are not only easy to transport from your home to the outdoors, but they also allow you to launch from pretty much any point. Unlike traditional kayaks, you aren’t confined to marinas or parks with water access ramps. Just carry it in the included travel bag, find a spot on the edge of the water, inflate, and drop it in the water.

Inflatable kayaks travel with you to your hidden honey hole for the perfect day of fishing, so you can focus less on logistics and more on the important stuff, like sipping on cold ones and ripping lips.

Behind the Design: LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak

The advantages of inflatable kayaks make it a game changer for someone looking to get on the water without the hassle. It’s storable, it’s portable, and it can launch essentially anywhere. At BOTE, when we developed the LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak, just like when we develop anything, we want to make the best product in its category. As such, the LONO has some pretty incredible technology worth highlighting.

Named after the Hawaiian god of tenacity and vigor, the LONO is constructed with BOTE’s AeroBOTE Technology paired with four chamber construction to keep you high and dry, but also incredibly stable on the water. From travel bag to 12’6” fishing kayak in a matter of minutes, the LONO is built to be decked out with other accessories, like a Rocket Rac, that can hold up to four fishing rods.

It’s also the first of its kind to really nail the hybrid category for kayaks. It has many of BOTE’s paddle board feature options and it performs seamlessly in all forms. Built to be a sit-on-top kayak, the LONO can be configured to a stand up paddle board by removing the top chamber, while the top chamber becomes its own platform to hold your KULA cooler and other items.

It’s convenient, lightweight and easy to maneuver while performing at the top of its class and looking badass. The LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak will transform your kayak fishing experience while adding a paddle board component that acts like a true paddle board. Don’t let the barriers of entry to the outdoors stop you from exploring. With no need for a trailer and only minimal storage space needed, the inflatable kayak allows you to answer the call of the wild. It’s a kayak like no other, ready to meet your style and needs.

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