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BOTE Presents // Distance Free

BOTE Presents //


Magda spent the majority of her teen and college years in a pool trying to become the best distance swimmer possible. She knows when to put her head down, focus, and just go. Although she fell short of her Olympic dreams, the lessons from the pool have permeated thru the course of her life, from being fitness-focused and family-centered.

Swimming also helped drive her career - to appreciate any successes but also be able to move on from any failures. It taught her that nothing comes easy. The competiveness and the never-give-up attitude helped her get through the early tough days of entrepreneurship when a lot of people would have quit. Being able to focus on the big picture and not letting the negatives get you down helped her to move on quickly.

“Magda is one tough son-of-a-gun.”

Like most women, Magda juggles kids, being a wife, and working, but she manages to wake up early and fit in time for herself. Biking, swimming, and paddling are a mental break that allow her to momentarily be free of other responsibilities, so she can come back to them and manage it all with a clear mind and energy throughout the day.

Her kids aren’t left out of her routine though. They’re incorporated so they’ll learn the value of taking care of themselves and working hard to succeed. By example, she wants them to be good people, productive members of society, and to know that a work ethic pays off in the long-term.

As a mom, wife, and business owner, she knows how important it is to work hard and stay in shape for all of her roles in life.

Magda Cooper swimming in ocean
young Magda holding fish
Magda's Kids
Magda running with kids in stroller
Magda and baby
Corey holding baby
Magda Cooper in old BOTE board mail truck
Cooper family on swing
baby swimming in pool
young magda
magda training in pool
magda with Auburn swim cap and goggles
magda running with friend along beach
magda running with friend along beach sidewalk
kid biking into sunset
magda portrait with swim cap and goggles
magda kissing son