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Aero Chairs vs. Camping Chairs

Why I Dumped My Camping Chairs for Aero Chairs

I never really liked my camping chairs to begin with, they’re just an essential part of doing things outside on the go. But with the Inflatable Aero Chair, it’s a whole new ball game.

Whether you're camping in the keys or relaxing at a friend’s backyard bbq, the gear you choose can make or break your adventure (or lack thereof). And when it comes to talking about gear, your chair of choice is often an overlooked piece of gear. We can only assume that’s because there hasn’t been a chair worth talking about until now. So let’s talk about the Aero Chair.

I’ll be the first to admit that talking about chairs isn’t the most glamorous topic, but practical is rarely glamorous. But then again, neither is sitting on a log when camping. If you’re an adult, chances are you own some form of folding chair, whether it’s a fancy ultralight pod chair, a canvas fold-up from your college tailgating days, or the old school metal ones rusted and frayed to the point of no return. I have owned my fair share of these, but no more. The Aero Chair is a very simple concept that’s an on-the-go lounging game changer.

Let’s dive into why the Aero Chair trumps the camping chair by offering the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and versatility.

Comfort: Doesn’t Get Much Softer Than Air

With most outdoor chairs, comfort comes second to utility. The all too familiar awkward fabric that is pulled too tight or left too loose, the coarse, uncomfortable weave that leaves its pattern imprinted on any part of your skin it touches, or (my least favorite) the sharp metal hinges sticking into you and pinching every time you open and close the chair.

When designing the Aero Chair, we decided to rethink the way standard camp chairs are made with a focus on comfort and stability. One reviewer even described the Aero Chair as the La-Z-Boy recliner for the outdoors. The whole idea behind the Aero Chair is that you inflate it with air rather than unfold or assemble. Don’t worry; it’s not the lung-bursting pool toy method of inflation. A lightweight foot pump can be used to quickly and easily inflate the Aero Chair, giving the seat its shape. You want it rigid, but you can play with how firm or soft you want it simply by adding or subtracting air. I usually inflate until I get a good amount of resistance on the foot pump, give it a quick sit, then make minor adjustments if needed.

For an added layer of comfort and relaxation don’t forget about the Aero Cup Holder. Designed to fit everything from a slim can up to a 32 oz tumbler. You’ll have all the libation and hydration you want at your fingertips.

the La-Z-Boy recliner for the outdoors

Durability: It Handles All the Elements Like a Champ

Unlike the standard camp chairs that are not made to handle the elements, the Aero Chair’s military grade PVC is made to take on everything from salt and sand to sun, dirt, and water. And don’t worry about punctures; our chairs are tough. Made with AeroBOTE Technology, the same construction as our fleet of inflatable stand up paddle boards, the Aero Chair is far from a flimsy flamingo floating in the pool.

They’re basically kid proof, too. Whether you’re replacing your camping chair with an Aero Chair at a baseball game, for your college dorm room seating, or actually camping with your kids (go you, by the way), the Aero Chair can stand up to a beat down from even the most sugared-up toddlers or boozed up frat stars.

the Aero Chair’s military grade PVC is made to take on everything from salt and sand to sun, dirt, and water.

Portability: The Aero Chair is Easier to Carry

The four-legged folding chairs that have become synonymous with camping and festivals may fold up to be skinny, but they’re still tall and clunky to carry. Plus, fitting them back into the bag is annoying as hell. Of course that’s assuming you still have the bag, and that it didn’t fly away in the breeze or rip in half the last time you used it.

The Aero chair doesn’t have the standard four legs of a folding chair. It has two long sides that support the chair and will keep you level with the playing field. Unlike traditional camping chairs, the Aero Chair has no moving parts or hinges to rust or get dirt or sand stuck in.

The Aero Chair simplifies things on all fronts. It’s smaller when deflated and folded, so carrying it around isn’t an awkward tango with metal pieces and parts banging against you. It removes the kite-like carry bag problem with an already attached buckle, strap, and a cushioned grab handle. It’s also small enough to fit into a backpack, and without all the metal it ends up being lighter than most camping chairs.

Stability: We Fixed the Terrain Issue

I no longer need to have two or three different types of chairs lying around depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing whether that’s camping, boating, a beach day or outdoor festival. The Aero Chair does it all! The legs on the Aero Chair have a wide base so they are just as comfortable in sand as they are on rocks and grass. With rail-like legs that are wide as well as long, weight is distributed over more surface area, meaning you don't sink in soft ground. (Think snow shoes over fresh powder.) It also means you don’t get the weird seesaw effect of being balanced on four points of contact at different heights.

Storability: Easy to Store, Takes up Less Space

Before the Aero Chair my garage was mostly full of older, rusted, half broken camp chairs stored in a dark corner of my garage. Now with the Aero Chair I have a dedicated shelf where I store my Aero Chairs stacked on top of the other. They’re compact enough when folded that I don’t have to worry about finding floor space for them or needing tall or wide shelving. You could fit these in a closet, on a shelf, even in a cabinet if you wanted to.

After owning Aero Chairs and an Aero Couch for just a few weeks, I threw out the inferior beach chairs and outdoor chairs – inflatable seating is way more comfortable, versatile, and practical. Not to mention, clean up and pack up is a breeze. Just rinse, let it dry, and fold it down.

Versatility: The Aero Chair Goes Where You Go

We like to play hard but we like to relax, too. Our lineup of inflatable seating takes outdoor leisure to the next level. Between the Inflatable Aero Chair, Inflatable Aero Chair XL, and Inflatable Aero Couch, you have zero excuses not to get your leisure on after a day of adventure or during a triple-header at the ball fields.

Wherever your adventures take you, the Inflatable Aero Chair is the perfect solution for getting comfortable without the hassle. Lightweight yet tough, comfortable yet compact. That’s right, all those things in one simple chair: the Inflatable Aero Chair.

“Our BOTE sofa is famous at our camp sites. We have a camper and travel all over. As soon as we put our sofa out people walk over and ask us where we got it from. Can't wait to watch college football now on our outdoor tv! ” - Holly R.