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Caring for Your Inflatable Paddle Board


An inflatable paddle board is tough. You can throw it off a cliff, jam it into a dock, or run over it with a heavy duty truck(Yeah, we did that.) But tough doesn’t mean foolishly indestructible, so showing your inflatable paddle board a little TLC will ensure its longevity and performance.


Always rinse your board after use, particularly if you’ve been in the ocean. Storing an inflatable paddle board coated in saltwater will deteriorate its exterior over time. Don’t use any chemicals when cleaning -- not even soap. Just spray with a hose and let it air dry.

Do yourself a favor, don’t use the SUN to dry your inflatable paddle board.

Why not?

Direct sunlight will cause natural heat expansion. This can stress the seams of an inflatable paddle board, particularly if it’s inflated to its maximum PSI (15). Bottom line, keep your board out of the hot sun when not in use. Otherwise, simple physics will ruin your fun.

Caring for your BOTE Aero inflatable paddle board is easy with a Magic Eraser. These work wonders on scuffs and other marks to keep your stand up paddle board looking new.


Easy storage is one of the biggest selling points of an inflatable paddle board. While it’s designed to be stored in its bag, people who have the room (say, in a garage) will often keep their board partially inflated so it’s ready to go with just a few pumps of air. If you do this, be sure to reduce the pressure until it’s compressible by hand.

Again, too much heat will cause natural expansion which will stress the seams and even could cause the board to burst. As a rule, extreme temperature swings aren’t kind to anything made by humans, let alone inflatable paddle boards. The ideal place to store it is cleaned up, folded and put away in a normal climate environment.

Rolling your inflatable paddle board up bone dry is key to preventing mildew. Avoid tightly compressing the board; loosely rolled up is best.

Overall, caring for your inflatable paddle board is pretty simple. Just follow the steps above, don’t get goofy with any sharp objects near it, and you can enjoy your board for years to come.