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Get FX'd

Get FX'd

Fitness trends are more fickle than fashion. Things rotate from “in style” to “obsolete” even before non-early adopters get a chance to try it out. Like drinking from a claimed fountain of youth, people abandon the resource before even giving it a chance to validate. I mean, how the hell do you determine that quickly the water’s not going to keep you alive? Personal optimism aside, trends are named as such for a reason. Inevitably people move on, because being “trendy” is not actually about betterment and progress.

Fitness fundamentals, on the other hand, have a more fixed nature. The core principles have an elasticity that allows them to permeate various lifestyle applications while still remaining true to their core function. Yoga, core strength, cardio, balance, and resistance training lay the foundations that most fitness routines are built upon. All the latest trends, TRX training, Orangetheory, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), incorporate some if not all of these foundations to improve health and overall fitness. Any trainer worth their salt will build routines from these fitness staples. What it boils down to is, it’s all about the practical application.

So let’s talk about our new application—the BOTE Dock FX. The FX is our new inflatable platform to apply these fitness fundamentals, whether on land or water.

Implementing the Core Fundamentals of Fitness

Every fitness campaign begins with a base; the floor, yoga mat, bike, balance ball, etc. What the Dock FX brings to the table is unique—water. In no-frill terms, it’s an 8’x3’ floating, rigid, slightly-compressible (think gym floor mat) platform with an integrated yoga mat, attachment points, and other goodies. Simply put, it’s a floating exercise platform. It adds two essential components to any fitness routine: balance and change. Additionally, it can add an entirely new environment you can’t replicate inside a gym. Think about working out at sunrise, floating just offshore, or in the pool.

Personal Workout Equipment Made Easy

The best part about the Dock FX is its convenience + functionality. The Dock FX is inflatable, which means it’s lightweight, portable, and compact, allowing it to be stored in small spaces. When fully inflated, it’s extremely rigid, supporting up to 250 pounds. Inflation via hand pump takes less than ten minutes, while an electric pump is even faster. So, there’s no excuse—pull it out of your closet and hit the water.

Easy to carry with the Dock FX Carry Sling.
Simple to unroll and inflate anywhere.
The Dock FX is lightweight, portable, and inflates in minutes.
Inflation by hand takes less than ten minutes; even faster with an electric pump.

Solo Workouts: Back to Basics

Core Exercises such as crunches, bicycles, planks, plank twists, and more can be done on the ground, in a pool, at a lake or pond, or even the nearest beach. Load up the Dock FX and take it to a location that suits you.

Great for helping beginners improve balance and establish good foundational practice.

Newbie Benefits

The Dock FX has benefits for every fitness skill level. People just starting their fitness journey can get a head start thanks to the added benefits given by performing the most basic of exercises on the water versus on land.

  • You’ll quickly learn that doing anything on the water is more fun than in a gym.
  • Since you’ll be forced to engage your stabilizing muscles due to the natural movement of water, you will build strength and core stability faster than any land-based method.
  • Exercises basics like planks, sit-ups, leg lifts, and squats with just bodyweight can give you a total body workout.
  • After practicing your fitness routine on the water for a while, transitioning back to land will make you feel superhuman thanks to the improved balance and core strength.

Veteran Enhancements

Take your land routine and discover how fun and challenging balancing on the water can be. A couple of things you’ll find right away, or a day or two later:

  • You’ll be engaging core muscles you’ve neglected due to the stability of land.
  • Your strength progression will increase faster on water than on land by simply performing the same exercises in the new environment.
  • Workouts don’t have to be confined to the gym or studio. A change of scenery can help provide a boost of motivation when stuck in a routine-rut.
  • Bonus: Cooling off is as easy as jumping in the water when you’re done!

***We recommend dropping the free weights and kettlebells for the first couple go-arounds, but encourage adding things back in as you grow more comfortable.

Excellent at adding new challenges for workout veterans.

Take your land routine and discover how fun and challenging balancing on the water can be.

Group Fitness: A Fresh Perspective

The BOTE Dock FX is a great addition to group fitness. The applications are super versatile, from pool fitness workouts, group yoga, and cross-training to HIIT, Tabata, or even a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day).

Enhance fitness classes with a new twist by adding the challenge of additional balance with water.

Pool Routines Fit for Any Group Size

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that “group fitness” means a room full of stationary bikes or a gym full of Crossfitters. Group fitness is a huge genre of exercise that has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a couple wanting to workout together, a group of friends looking to encourage one another, or someone solo looking for a community to be a part of, there’s a place for you.

  • A small private pool is all that is needed for a couple or small group setting. Simply let the FX float freely while training, no need to tie-off.
  • For larger group settings, an Olympic sized pool is perfect. Simply tie the Dock FX to the lane lines to keep them in place. Removing the middle lane line between a set of three gives the perfect amount of space for the Docks to tether. Exercises can be coordinated by the trainer on the side of the pool or on an additional FX a couple lanes apart.
  • Put a fun new spin on cross training, HIIT or Tabata routines by mixing in swimming with exercises on the Dock FX. Add additional swim variables by mixing and matching distances and swim strokes.

Open Water Fitness Freedom

Open water is our favorite place because you have more space and more options. There’s also something quite freeing about getting out from behind four walls and into nature.

  • The Dock FX can be tied off to a buoy or any other anchoring source, or you can simply choose to float. (Just make sure you’re in an area safe to float freely first!)
  • In shallow water, a BOTE Sandspear can be used as another excellent anchoring option.
  • Doing yoga with a group early in the day or late at night is hard to beat. If you haven’t tried it, even if yoga isn’t always your thing, we encourage you to experience this at least once.

Enjoy the freedom of open water and nature around you during your next workout.

Let the trends come and go. They always have and they always will. Simply replace HIIT with Tabata, P90X with CrossFit, circuit training with TRX resistance training. Yoga with Bikram yoga or goat yoga… you get the idea. The Dock FX will fit in just fine with all of them. Keep it as a staple to add some spice to your next favorite craze or use it to get back to basics when you’re bored from the last fad. It’s a tool made to work for you and because it’s inflatable, go with you.

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