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Not a Father's Day Gift Guide

Not a Father's Day Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me, a week or two before Father’s Day you start trolling the internet to lockdown Father’s Day gifts to win the best child or spouse award. And if the dad in your life is anything like the one in mine, there isn’t a gift in the world he wants that he hasn’t already bought for himself. Maybe last year you went with a wildcard, like a beer brewing kit, quarterly hot sauce subscription, or set of fishing-themed grill tools. If you went this route, it’s safe to assume last year’s gift has yet to be opened and it’s currently stored in an untouched, dusty corner of the garage.

On behalf of dads everywhere, please stop.

The man doesn’t want tchotchkes, DIY kits of any sort, monogrammed anything, or, in general, to be on the receiving end of your last minute online shopping spree complemented by sky-high expedited shipping. Unless you’re helping the man update or replace his worn-out outdoor toys or giving him the gift of something he’s wanted forever, don’t buy the man anything and just be there instead.

As cliché as it sounds, dads will attest that they want to spend Father’s Day with the people they love, doing things they love to do. This year, keep it simple by giving your dad exactly what he wants: a day on the water.

If the dad in your life is anything like the one in mine, there isn’t a gift in the world he wants that he hasn’t already bought for himself.

Father's Day, BOTE Style

If you’ve landed here for Father’s Day gift ideas, chances are the man already has his fair share of BOTE gear and, in light of the summer season, probably has more on the way. We would never discourage buying him a few items to amp up his outdoor experience, but just remember your presence (or a FaceTime call, if you can’t be there) is the most important element. Here are our top four Father’s Day experiences for the water loving dad in your life.

For the Surf Seeker

Watch the surf report in the days leading up to Father’s Day weekend. If the surf’s up mid-morning on Sunday, set the alarm for a couple of hours prior. Surprise him with coffee and something light to eat, then hop in the car for a morning out on the water. Whether you’re joining him in the water or cheering him on from the beach, there’s no better way to kick off Father’s Day morning.

If you’re want to do it BOTE style, strap a couple of Flood paddle boards to the roof and load down a KULA softy with snacks and a few post-surf breakfast beers. Don’t forget to pack the Flow Inflatable if you have any kiddos in tow.

The Flood paddle board is great for surfing

For the Low Key Fisherman

For the man who loves paddle board fishing, scour the local message boards to find an awesome honey hole. Depending on where it’s located, you might want to build the day around it. Packing sandwiches, sunscreen, and your inflatable fishing paddle board (like the Rackham Aero). If the honey hole is off the beaten path (the best ones are), be prepared to pack his motorized paddle board, like the Rover Aero Inflatable.

If the honey hole is located on a larger lake and at least one kid is too tiny for paddle board fishing, splurge for a boat rental for the day and bring your inflatable paddle boards on the boat. One for him, to navigate to the hard to reach fishing spots, and another for the bigger kids to jump off of into the water or join him to cruise the lake.

Love my Rackham Aero and my daughters do, too. We use it daily. Extremely sturdy, easy to roll out, pump up, and most importantly put away. - Juan C.

The LONO and DEUS Aero make great portable kayak options

For the River Rat

If he spends all of his free time on the river, making plans to get to the river, or reading obscure blogs about the state of the river, take the man to the f*!&ing river. If the weather will cooperate, make it a camping trip for the whole family. The inflatable kayak was born for this type of adventure.

The day looks something like this: wake up early and pack down the car. Don’t forget the KULA 5 (plus a couple more, for splitting up food, drinks, and the catch of the day), inflatable kayaks, tent camping set up, bug out bag, towels, and plenty of food and drinks for grilling and hanging at the campsite.

For the Man Who Loves R&R

We get it. Even the most rugged outdoorsmen want to kick back and relax every once in a while. If the man is hinting for R&R, don’t plan the day around paddle board fishing or traveling a couple of hours to the closest river or beach access. Throw the aero dock onto the nearest body of flat water, invite over the family, and kick it for a few hours. Just hanging out with his favorite people is exactly how he wants to spend the day, and with an aero dock you just can’t go wrong.

Docks are great leisure gifts for dad
Docks are great leisure gifts for dad
Docks are great leisure gifts for dad

5 Star Review

“I bought it to make to the lake for a family vacation. Nobody knew I was taking it so it was a surprise. It was definitely a hit and enjoyed by all from the kids to the adults. I will continue to buy BOTE products due to their quality and performance.” - Joseph G.

When You Really Need To Buy Him Something

We get it. Sometimes showing up empty-handed or sending a heartfelt greeting card in lieu of being there on Father’s Day isn’t the best look. The good news is, if the man loves the water he’d be jacked up to receive any of these gifts.

If you want to go big, and you also want something that’s fun for the whole family, go for the Inflatable Dock.

For the perfectionist, help him keep his board in top shape with a BOTE Paddle Board Bag.

Something you can easily ship or carry? We love the KULA 2.5 Softy and Highwater Slingpack for their functionality and durability.

If you want to truly knock his socks off, give him the Rover Motorized Paddle Board. Hands down the most killer Father’s Day gift a man could ever receive.

Still can’t decide? Get him a hat, a card, and a case of beer. Boom.

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