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The Missing Link: Carrying Your Stand Up Paddle Board


A stand up paddle board was designed to effortlessly glide through the water. Getting your paddle board to the water is a different story. For years stand up paddle board users have had to make multiple trips with their boards and gear. There had to be a better way.

"This system is for everyday use to ensure that you are not worn out before you even start paddling."

After a few brainstorming sessions, BOTE hit upon the missing link. Sometimes the simplest solutions are best. That’s certainly the case with the BOTE Travelink System™, which is a customized carrying strap for a stand up paddle board.

Man carrying his BOTE Gatorshell Flood stand up paddle board with his hands free Travelink™ Sling
Position the Travelink™ over your shoulder & carry your board with ease.

The Travelink System consists of three main components

Travelink™ Sling has super-strong latch points.


These are seamlessly integrated into every stand up paddle board BOTE makes, whether Gatorshell or Aero inflatable. They are even included on the floating personal swim platform, the Dock FX.

Travelink™ Sling has an adjustable padded shoulder strap.


The Travelink™ Sling clips onto your stand up paddle board with durable swivel clips. The Sling shoulder strap provides a more comfortable, ergonomic way to lift and carry the paddle board.

Attach a Hitchhiker water resistant pouch to your Travelink™ Sling to store smaller more valuable items.


This water resistant pouch is perfect for storing all the little things while paddling. Quickly attach it to the sling (or just about anything else) with its two velcro straps.

Girl carrying her BOTE inflatable Dock FX hands free with her Travelink™ Sling
Keep your hands free to carry more gear or simply text a friend your meetup paddling spot.

Man is able to carry all his SUP fishing gear while carrying his paddle board on his shoulder.

Eliminating the "dead arm syndrome'' for paddle board carriers, this simple, yet elegant innovation helps increase the enjoyment of each trip out on the water. This integrated SUP carry system was developed to increase comfort and ease in transporting and storing your stand up paddle board. Travelink™ also enables smaller paddlers to transport much larger paddle boards than ever before as it balances the weight and length across users more easily.

“A stand up paddle board has always been carried by the paddler using their fingers, hands and forearms via a center grab handle. This can become unpleasant in a matter of seconds. Transitioning the weight to the shoulders with an integrated system makes taking your board to the water much more appealing. This system was created so you could literally throw your board over your shoulder and walk to the water while carrying all your other stuff.” – Corey Cooper, BOTE Founder and CEO

Rob McAbee fishing on the HD Gatorshell.

When you’re done paddling, the Travelink System™ also helps to easily store your stand up paddle board by merely hanging the carry strap to a hook in your garage or storage shed. Some people even store on an exterior wall, but being careful to avoid any direct sun exposure. This is particularly helpful in storing solid paddle boards, which can suffer dents or damage when stored directly on the ground.

After a few hills and gusts of wind, you'll wonder how you ever carried your stand up paddle board without the Travelink™ system.

The Travelink System™ allows you to remove all weight from your hands and carry the board more safely and ergonomically to your next excursion. After a few hills and gusts of wind, you'll wonder how you ever carried your stand up paddle board without the Travelink™ system.

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