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If you went looking for a gritty community with a hardcore love for the ocean, even in the bleakest of winters, you’d probably end up in New England. If you stuck around long enough, you would run into people like Willis who will tell you that winter is the perfect season. Even in the wake of the most brutal nor’easters, he’s out on the water. On the harshest of days with ripping wind and rock-bottom temperatures... the stinging pain of being on the wrong side of the thermometer is surpassed by the promise of epic adventure that comes from embracing winter.

Most people would run from the counterculture that inhabits the north shore, but the locals crave it. To them, there’s no such thing as bad weather.

snow on chainlink fence in North East
Willis Brown next to Toyota Tacoma with BOTE Rackham Paddle Board on roof
Petey's Live Lobsters, Gifts, Natutical Things
detail shot of man carrying BOTE Rackham paddle board
snowy road in the North East
Willis Brown playing ice hockey
Toyota Tacoma driving with BOTE Paddle boards on roof
Willis Brown downtown Boston Mass with BOTE Rackham paddle board
Willis Brown paddling BOTE Rackham paddle board down snowy river
Willis Brown carrying BOTE Rackham paddle board through alley
Willis Brown surfing 1
Willis Brown surfing 2
Willis Brown surfing 3
Two men in wetsuits standing on wall after surfing
Man wearing BOTE Backpack on his way to play ice hockey
swingset on coast
Group playing ice hockey
two men wearing wetsuits
cold water wave
BOTE Rackham paddle board with KULA 5 cooler and fins
man putting on axcel wetsuit
Willis Brown in spearfishing gear

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