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BOTE Presents // Get Away

BOTE Presents //

Get Away

It's a challenge. Balancing work and leisure, raising your kids, focusing on the simple things that really matter. For the majority of us, myself included, the struggle to do so is very real. But in reality, it's the accumulation of these diverse events that make you who you are.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at my grandparent’s house in the woods. Playing in the dirt, hunting for food, and spending time with family were not only the basis of how I spent my childhood, but also the building blocks for who I am as a person.

As I grew up and moved away to bigger cities and spent more time in the office than in daylight, I began to really appreciate the lifestyle that living in the outdoors offered.

Now, with three kids, I realize the importance of exposing them to the simpler life.

Teaching them to work with their hands and step away from our technologically oversaturated world is not easy, but I find that when we leave our everyday lives, step off the grid, and just enjoy each other’s company and everything nature has to offer, it brings us back to the fundamental basics of what it’s all about.

Downtown Florala, Alabama
Corey Cooper
Mom and son using BOTE paddle boards
Paddle board strapped to a Polaris Ranger Crew XP
Puzzle pieces
Boy using inflatable BOTE paddle board
Chopping wood with Husky axe
Guy riding motorbike
Construction work
Using Stihl chainsaw
Corey and Madga Cooper with family
Budweiser bottle as guitar slide
Playing guitar by the fire
Corn husking
Corn field
Man hunting with gun
Woman hunting in the brush
Polaris Ranger Crew XP in farm landscape
Kids running through field
Kids standing on hay bail
Mother with child
Girl wearing pink helmet
Father holding son forehead to forehead
Boy swinging on rope swing
Mom and son paddling on inflatable paddle boards
Mom and son paddling on inflatable paddle boards

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