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BOTE Presents // Keys Reloaded

BOTE Presents //


Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? We could have stayed on shore, in the status quo, played it safe and moved on. But where is the fun in that. We wanted to wander into the storm!

The unknown breeds fear and excitement but can also spark some radical change. Change, in our case is embodied by the all new Rover project. So, we decided to make a trip to the Florida Keys with our motley crew and embark on a not-so-harrowing adventure with the main goal of putting the new Rover through it's paces.

Thanks to our pals at Mellow Ventures in Key West for dialing in the madness for us, because of them we all returned as happy men (and women).

Road Sign South to Key West
Guy Carrying Four Six Packs of Beer
Mellow Cafe and Gastropub Sign
Couple Kissing in Key West
Guy Sleeping Outside Benny's Tattoos
mapping the next adventure
Corey in Keys black and white
guy using binoculars offshore
guy driving microskiff the BOTE rover up to house boat
wooden ship wheel
driving microskiff the BOTE rover
guy on boat in key west
fishing off microskiff the BOTE rover in the keys
keys tarpon jumping out of water
fly fishing in the keys
microskiff the BOTE rover driving up to old keys lighthouse
woman floating in water
guy smoking on boat in keys
couple riding on microskiff the BOTE rover in keys
spearfishing in the keys
couple riding microskiff the BOTE rover around the keys
grilling kabobs offshore on a boat
three BOTE rover microskiffs fishing offshore in the keys
fishing off the BOTE rover microskiff in mangroves
woman in bikini walking in clear water
cast of characters in the keys