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BOTE Presents // Never Again

BOTE Presents //


Everglades Collage
Adventure sometimes requires a bit of forethought and planning.. however often times not.
Pelican Cases
filling up water jugs for camping
creating BOTE rover microskiff
corey cooper loading up BOTE rover microskiff with gear
But once we get back to the mundane we realize there's happiness gained by stirring up our fears.
setting up tent
man writing on top of KULA 5 cooler
BOTE rover microskiff driving through the everglades
Kula 5 Cooler
Everglades Gator says Hi
Don't listen to them. Jorts and sand do not play well together.
They keep us on the edge and remind us to live our lives not just to survive them
campfire steak and rice
cutting campfire steak and rice
cutting onion for campfire food
waterford crystal and camping. Why yes. Yes of course.
We only have space for so many memories. Don't waste it on the forgettable.
BOTE Verge Camo Hat
animal prints in sand
mapping out the everglades
everglades turtle
everglades night time stars
Sean Murphy duct tape foot injury
you're only trying if you break shit
hermit crab shell

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