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Do you have paddle assembly instructions? Why was the handle separated from my paddle?

Paddle handles come separate from the shaft of the one-piece paddles to allow easy paddle sizing. You can download Axe Paddle Assembly Instructions by clicking here.

The pressure gauge on my inflatable paddle board pump doesn't show that there is any pressure. Why not?

More than likely there is not enough air in the board. Pump up the inflatable paddle board until the board takes complete shape. Once the board has taken complete shape, continue to pump until you begin to receive a significant amount of resistance from the pump as you are pushing down. At this point the pressure gauge will begin to show the actual pressure in the board (approximately 7 PSI).

Will my paddle float?

All AXE full carbon fiber paddles will float if properly assembled. The three piece aluminum adjustable paddles that come with our inflatable boards will not. For the aluminum adjustable paddles, it is advised to attach a paddle leash or flotation device to the paddle to prevent the paddle from sinking.

Does my board come with fins? Where are the side bite fins for my Owner's Box?

All BOTE boards come with the 10 in. main fin. Otherwise, side bite fins are sold separately and can be purchased directly from FCS or BOTE as an accessory.

The Rover comes with two sets of fins, 10 in. deep water fins and side bite fins for shallower water.

Why are there bubbles on the deck pad of my board?

On occasion, upon the first couple of uses of the board, you may experience some unsightly bubbling in the deck pad. This is a normal occurrence and you should not be alarmed.

Deck pads are adhered to the board in a climate controlled facility as the last step of our production process. Shortly after, the boards are moved to a facility of higher climate for a quality control inspection. During this inspection air bubbles underneath the pad that present themselves are taken care of by poking a hole with a fine needle to release the air. The 3M adhesive on the underside of the pad is still extremely tacky and the pad will re-adhere to the board. In some cases these air bubbles do not present themselves during the inspection process.

If air bubbles show up underneath the deck pad, you can remedy the issue by poking a small hole in the deck pad with a needle to release the trapped air. Often times, the bubbles will disappear on their own after a couple of uses of the board.

What's included with the Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

All BOTE inflatable paddle boards come with a 3 piece aluminum adjustable paddle, pump, fin, and repair kit. Each board bag is designed to hold its included accessories and the rolled-up board.

If a product isn't listed on the website, is it still available?

We list in-stock products on our website. Because production cycles vary, we are typically unable to provide visibility into when a particular board style will be available. You can also check local BOTE dealers for stock of board styles. Our BOTE Difference products, attachments and lifestyle products are restocked as quickly as possible and if currently unavailable, will likely be available soon.